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Chemical Free Shampoo

Literally, there is actually no such thing as chemical free natural shampoo. Whether a shampoo is made from the natural ingredients or not, the shampoo makers undergoes chemical reaction to produce some of the ingredients. But there is indeed shampoo which are free of synthetic chemicals. This sort of Chemicals can be produced in abundance and hence they are cheaper and partly harmful for hair. Some of the synthetic chemicals also comply with the safety obligations. But many synthetic chemicals used in shampoo have a lot of side effects also.

chemical free shampoo

Chemical Free Shampoo is mainly formed of natural ingredients. The Shampoo makers use the extracts from plants to make them. Also, they use the organic ingredients which come from plants. The organic ingredients are also natural ingredients and is also chemical free. The chemical free shampoo is much more costly to produce because the natural ingredients are much costly than the synthetic ones. These shampoos don’t use any extract from the ingredients which are animal derived. The basic ingredients are simply extracted from plants, aloe Vera and the non-chemical ingredients. The Shampoo is basically hypoallergenic and dye free.

But as I said that no shampoo can actually be termed as 100% Chemical Free. Because, some of the natural ingredients are derived from chemical reactions. Like, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is a natural ingredient. It is produced by means of a chemical reaction between fatty acids from the coconut oil and isoethionic acid. But would it have side effects then? No, because all chemical reactions are not harmful and the certified natural shampoo makers also undergo chemical reaction to produce some natural ingredients. The Shampoo free from chemicals are actually much beneficial for hair and also have lots of uses. Because they are not synthetic chemicals, they are natural extracts which has its own uses also. Using natural shampoo is really important for your scalp and hair condition. If you are looking for tips or guide check this natural shampoo guide site.