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Best 10 Types of Knife Blades

Pocket knives feature various types of knife blades. Each type has a specific purpose of use.

Pocket knives come with different blade varieties. We will discuss the popular type of blades and their uses in this article. These blades come in various shapes and sizes. Each design has its own purpose of cutting a particular thing whenever you require.

knife blade

Popular types of knife blades we use in our everyday life.


  • Straight-back
  • Clip-point
  • Trailing-point
  • Drop-point
  • Spear-point
  • Spey-point
  • Tanto
  • Sheepsfoot
  • Wharncliffe
  • Pen blade



The blade has dull flat back with curving edge. It is good for chopping and slicing, as the back not sharp, you can apply additional pressure to increase the cutting force.



It has a thin tip, which helps you to cut hard to reach places and provides additional control. The clip is concave is shape. A Bowie knife has a clip-point blade.



This blade has a distinctive back edge that curves up and helps in improving slicing ability. The curve is suitable for a more lightweight pocket knife as compared to a normal blade.



The blade uses a convex curve on back of the knife near the tip, which is opposite of the clip-point blade using a concave curve. It provides more strength than clip-point.



The blade is symmetrical in shape having curve in both sides of the spine running down the center. You can sharpen both sides of the blade. This blade finds its suitability in throwing or thrusting applications.



It has symmetrical shape and tapers more sharply. It pierces or penetrates in easy manner.



The blade obtains its name for using it to spey animals. It has a straight edge, which curves upward at the end along with a relatively small clip on the back.



This blade has chisel edge providing excellent strength. The name refers itself with the tip of broken Samurai sword, which is effective as piercing armor. A Tanto knife does not have belly. It provides tremendous tip strength that can penetrate any object with ease.



This blade is opposite to normal blade and offers a sharp straight edge and a dull back, which is largely straighter than curves at the end. This knife provides close controls when you place your fingers on the dull back. This type of blade finds its usage in trimming hooves of sheep. This blade is effective for chopping purpose. It also prevents accidental stabbing.



This blade is thicker in nature, which is similar to sheepfoot blade. The back of this blade begins to curve towards the tip much earlier with a slighter angle.


Pen blade

You will find this blade in smaller pocket folding knife. The shape is similar to spear point blade, but it features a deep gradual curve. You will find that the one side is sharp and the other side is blunt, as you see in pen- knives.

You should choose a pocket knife with a blade that is suitable for your requirement. There is no blade, which serves all purposes. Each blade has specific application for use.

Basic SEO Process

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seo process

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Your choice-kayak or boat

While you can both use a fishing kayak or a boat to go out fishing, the two different kinds have much to offer in terms of comfort, casting angles, stealth, recreation and so on. No matter what kind of boat you go out on, a kayak is always is always quieter and hardly noticeable than a boat. Kayaks offer more of a stealth compared to boats thanks to the adhesive stealth rubber underneath. Moreover a kayak can fit into a pond of any size while the fish won’t even have a clue regarding your presence.

fishing boat

While fishing from a boat, most of the casting angles are perpendicular to the bank with the lure swimming from shallow water to deep. On the other hand, you can have better casting angles from a kayak that would allow you to keep your lure in the ‘red zone’ for a much longer time, giving you an easy upper hand at baiting more fishes than normal. Another cool thing about fishing kayaks is that it offers you all the thrills of having a look at the other wildlife abundant in the marsh. While you’ll have to go through some days when you don’t a have a single fish to bait, you can easily enjoy nature at its best from a kayak which you can’t from a boat.


Furthermore it is a noteworthy fact too that kayaks enable you to wander into places where boats cannot reach. The build up and the architecture of a kayak allows to the freedom to paddle around almost any fishing spot you want to. Last but not least, kayaks are in a word more comfortable to fish from as compared to a boat. Modern days’ fishing kayaks have far more cozy seats that will make you feel fishing out of an easy chair.

Chemical Free Shampoo

Literally, there is actually no such thing as chemical free natural shampoo. Whether a shampoo is made from the natural ingredients or not, the shampoo makers undergoes chemical reaction to produce some of the ingredients. But there is indeed shampoo which are free of synthetic chemicals. This sort of Chemicals can be produced in abundance and hence they are cheaper and partly harmful for hair. Some of the synthetic chemicals also comply with the safety obligations. But many synthetic chemicals used in shampoo have a lot of side effects also.

chemical free shampoo

Chemical Free Shampoo is mainly formed of natural ingredients. The Shampoo makers use the extracts from plants to make them. Also, they use the organic ingredients which come from plants. The organic ingredients are also natural ingredients and is also chemical free. The chemical free shampoo is much more costly to produce because the natural ingredients are much costly than the synthetic ones. These shampoos don’t use any extract from the ingredients which are animal derived. The basic ingredients are simply extracted from plants, aloe Vera and the non-chemical ingredients. The Shampoo is basically hypoallergenic and dye free.

But as I said that no shampoo can actually be termed as 100% Chemical Free. Because, some of the natural ingredients are derived from chemical reactions. Like, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is a natural ingredient. It is produced by means of a chemical reaction between fatty acids from the coconut oil and isoethionic acid. But would it have side effects then? No, because all chemical reactions are not harmful and the certified natural shampoo makers also undergo chemical reaction to produce some natural ingredients. The Shampoo free from chemicals are actually much beneficial for hair and also have lots of uses. Because they are not synthetic chemicals, they are natural extracts which has its own uses also. Using natural shampoo is really important for your scalp and hair condition. If you are looking for tips or guide check this natural shampoo guide site.